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YouTube Proxy is a free internet service that allows people to stream and browse restricted media and websites.

However, to remain free, we must display non-intrusive advertisements on our webpages.

If a user of our service decides to click on an advert, we receive a small amount of money to help keep our servers online.

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YouTube Proxy

Tired of having your browsing experience interfered with? Jump around network blocks and geo-restrictions!


Proxy through the U.S.


Proxy through Canada.

United Kingdom

Proxy through the United Kingdom.


Proxy through India.

Looking for a more complete proxy solution?

Try the VPN proxy Chrome extension for increased privacy and full website support.


What is a web proxy?

A web proxy acts as an intermediary between a user and a website in which they are trying to access. The web proxy retrieves the information/webpage on behalf of the user, and relays the information to them. This system allows users to bypass network blocks and restrictions, by routing their internet traffic around such limitations.